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Lords Cup adds Soccer to Lords Mobile

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How would you change a cell RPG game to some soccer match? 

Well, why don't you place a ball in the center of the map and then send off your troops to kick against it? That is what IGG's Lords Mobile provides from now once the new occasion, Lords Cup, goes on online. Players organized into guilds are encouraged to compete in 90-minute long suits to outscore different guilds to acquire undisclosed prizes.

The game mechanics seem quite straightforward. Every game (using a limit of four each day) begins with a Lords Ball emerging from the Kingdom. Following that, each player must send components to kick it at the direction of the Base, Wonders or Darkness to be able to make points for their guild. Lords Ball respawns whenever a player scores up till the time runs upward.

Ladies to establish their value". She'll provide a boon to people who score, as well as the mysterious powers held inside banish the forces of darkness. Have a look at the gameplay below.


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